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FB4L Mission Statement

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Thursday, 14 April 2011 19:00 administrator
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FB4L Mission statement

Our mission is to inform, educate, motivate and coach the health minded client and propel them into the best shape of their lives. We offer a myriad of programs to suit every need. The Fitness Builders Personal Training program is based on years of experience and research by its founder, Glen Edward Mitchell.



Statement of opinion:

Our Core Philosophy

We believe that the current system of healthcare is broken.

It is based on managing sickness and treating the symptoms of disease, while prevention and the underlying causes of illness are ignored. Furthermore, whether it is the result of ignorance, corporate advertising or government misinformation, most people have no idea what constitutes a healthy diet.

The result is a population that is sicker and more overweight than ever before.

We also believe that people can transform their health, maintain their ideal weight, reverse chronic disease and avoid the need for prescription drugs by consuming healthy, nourishing foods, supplementing their diet, drinking pure water, exposing their skin to sunlight and exercising properly and consistently.

The alternative eating plan I encourage is NOT about dieting. It is about choosing the right foods and knowing what to avoid in your diet. For most people, a diet rich in protein and healthy fats and consisting of low glycemic carbohydrates is not only the best way to achieve weight loss, but also optimal health.

We stress the importance of a whole food diet, consisting of organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and berries, healthy fats in the proper ratio, fish known to be free of mercury and other toxins and meat from free ranging animals raised on their natural diet (i.e. grass fed, not corn-fed beef).

To burn fat and increase heart and lung capacity, we recommend interval training (not endurance training). To build strength, flexibility and endurance, we stress the merits of bodyweight exercises. And when it comes to weight lifting, we focus on exercises that are applicable to daily life -- those that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously to avoid injury and increase functional strength.

We do not promote a “magic bullet” solution to health and weight loss, but rather an overall strategy that involves an equal measure of optimal nutrition and supplementation, consistent exercise, natural hormonal enhancement, stress reduction and avoidance of toxins.

At Fitness Builders, we intend to provide clients with a practical guide to continual self improvement and a road map for becoming stronger, healthier, and functionally younger year after year.

Our goal is to help you learn the steps you need to take to match your health span with your life span and enjoy an active, age-defying, disease free life!



In order to achieve this optimum level of mind, body and soul, one must improve the five components, or what we refer to as "The Five Steps," that influence your total overall performance:

“The 5 Steps to Peak Performance”

  • Mental – To obtain clarity and sharpness of mind.
  • Physical – To be energetic, agile, and fit.
  • Sexual – To have increased passion and stamina.
  • Emotional – To feel relaxed, centered, and balanced.
  • Spiritual – To have a harmonious, peaceful presence.

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